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Among global travelers, 87% are looking to travel sustainably. We know Wisconsin is ready to deliver for those travelers interested in building itineraries with their sustainability values in mind. Travel Green gives your organization or business an opportunity to set itself apart by allowing travelers to tailor their searches on to find Travel Green members committed to sustainability.  

Become a Travel Green Member 

Travel Green is a free membership program for all tourism partners, big or small, who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability by meeting the pledge criteria. Travel Green helps travelers easily find sustainable travel options on and gives your organization or business the distinction of being a Travel Green member. The Travel Green pledge application gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability in the six key focus areas of: 

  • Community
  • Education
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Transportation
  • Waste Reduction
  • Water Conservation

Membership Details 

To qualify for Travel Green, the applicant must be taking sustainability actions on a minimum of four key focus areas. In order to check “yes” within each key focus area, the applicant needs to take one action among those listed or provide an alternative action in the “other actions” section. For those key focus areas where the applicant answers “no,” the applicant must share their plan for improvement in the coming year. Applications that answer “no” to more than two key focus areas will be declined. The Travel Green pledge also allows organizations and businesses to list courses, certifications, awards or programs completed, but they are not required for membership. 

Travel Wisconsin processes new Travel Green applications throughout the year. Applications will be reviewed to determine whether the applicant is accepted into the program.  

Membership benefits include: 

  • Helping travelers quickly and easily identify sustainable organization and business listings on 
  • Access to the new Travel Green logo in your marketing materials to communicate your commitment to sustainability  
  • Celebrating the progress you have made in your sustainability efforts while giving you a competitive advantage among sustainability-minded travelers 
  • Joining a network of sustainable organizations and businesses, giving you the option to consider opportunities to collaboratively market your distinction as a Travel Green member  
  • ​Connecting to resources for continual improvement toward sustainability 

Who Can Apply 

Any entity with a listing on is welcome to apply for membership in Travel Green, including businesses, nonprofit organizations, visitor centers and more. Information on creating a listing is available here


We understand that there are different definitions of sustainability. As an eco-conscience program, Travel Green honors and celebrates the environmental commitment of members and speaks to the environmental values of visitors. Sustainable tourism is a framework for engaging travelers and the travel industry in supporting goals and actions that protect the environment, promote environmental awareness and conserve natural resources while expanding economic development in communities.  


Travel Green aims to keep pace with the rapidly evolving world of sustainable travel. As such, applicants can expect the application to be updated from year to year to reflect advancements in sustainability as well as the environmental interests of our travelers. 

Travel Green is a promise to our travelers. Any member whose actions do not consistently reflect the sustainability actions as pledged can be removed from the program. If an organization or business is unable or unwilling to meet the responsibilities and program requirements, they will refrain from further identification with Travel Green through name or use of the Travel Green logo. 

Sign the Pledge 

Fill out and sign the Travel Green pledge. Once approved, your listing will be updated with the Travel Green icon and will be searchable on for consumers looking for tourism organizations and businesses committed to sustainability. If your business is not currently listed on, submit your listing today, before submitting your Travel Green Pledge. 

Please email with any questions.