Here's to Being Here

Here's to Being Here is Travel Wisconsin's episodic video series designed to showcase the unique experiences and shared moments of joy that await travelers in Wisconsin. By focusing on real stories, shared moments of joy and the diverse, unexpected experiences Wisconsin offers we can connect with viewers on an emotional level, while inspiring them to plan their next unforgettable vacation and create lasting memories. 

Content Strategy

Our goal for the series is to promote tourism across the state and provide viewers with an immersive experience of the diverse attractions Wisconsin has to offer. The series builds on our statewide marketing strategy and fills a niche in our content marketing strategy. 

Our approach to inspiring travelers goes beyond mere advertising; it’s about fostering a deep connection with Wisconsin. Through immersive storytelling, we invite travelers to envision themselves and their travel partners experiencing the wonders of our state, igniting their imaginations and prompting them to craft their own itineraries. By placing the traveler’s experience front and center, our first-person narrative technique captivates audiences, moving them from awareness to active consideration and ultimately driving conversions. This unique approach speaks directly to the viewing preferences of our target audience, who value authentic, real-life experiences, thus solidifying trust in our brand and positioning Wisconsin as a must-visit destination.

Target Audiences

The audience for this series aligns with our brand strategy audience, focusing on the 35-44 age group with kids and 25-34 age group with or without kids.

Target Markets

The campaign targets our audiences in the key 13 out-of-state and in-state markets defined in our marketing strategy, including Chicago, IL; Minneapolis, MN; Cedar Rapids, IA; Duluth, MN; Rockford, IL; Rochester, MN; Davenport, IA; Des Moines, IA; Marquette, MI; Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay/Appleton and Wausau.

Campaign Outreach

Promotion of the series will include native, paid search, social media and email. Paid advertising will be targeted to our 13 markets and primary and secondary audiences.