Job Openings

If you have a passion for helping travelers discover the unexpected in Wisconsin, we want you to join our team. Check out the open job postings below to see how your individual experience and skillset will help bolster the strength of the Travel Wisconsin team and grow Wisconsin's tourism economy.

Organizational Values

At the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, we pursue our mission by living our values in all that we do. We are strategic and collaborative leaders who deliver value through industry expertise and resources. 

  • Excellence: We are committed to upholding the department's long tradition of excellence, continuing to produce best-in-class work that aims to outdo both the competition and ourselves. We know that sometimes success requires discerning where excellence is required and when good enough is good enough.
  • Collaboration: We know that our work is vest when we include the experience, expertise and creativity of our teammates. We respect ideas, viewpoints and input from everyone on the team, and in return, promise candid, timely and solution-oriented feedback. "Clear is kind."
  • Balance: We are committed to achieving balance for each individual employee and for the organization by centering clarity, consistency and compassion. Balance is a two-way street for both the individual and the organization and means discerning when and how to allocate time and/or financial resources to achieve objectives and key results.
  • Fun: We believe the first step to selling fun is having fun. Not only do we promote it, we live it!
  • Authenticity: We celebrate authenticity, encouraging team members to bring their whole selves to work. Professionally sharing feedback with your supervisor is encouraged and will be met with honesty, integrity and respect.