Events Campaign

In Wisconsin, we love events. Each year, Wisconsin travelers make some of their best memories with friends and family at events, fairs and festivals throughout the state — from Milwaukee to the Northwoods and everywhere in between. With events back in full swing this summer, we’re excited to showcase all the craft cuisine, live music, spirited competition and more that Wisconsin has to offer through our 2022 Events Campaign.

We're promoting Wisconsin events, fairs and festivals in big, bold ways this summer — let’s take a look:

Fest or Fiction Interactive Game

Fest or Fiction is back on, and we’ve given it an eye-catching makeover. Users play through a short series of festivals and are asked, is it a festival or is it fiction? Each answer gives insight into a specific Wisconsin festival, inspiring players to experience it for themselves. Play again and again to learn about different events throughout the state!

Digital Banners

Our animated banners use bright visuals and quick movement to catch viewers’ attention. The banners, leading to Fest or Fiction, allow people to discover more unique Wisconsin events in a fun an interactive way.

Fest or Fiction digital banner ad sample

Fest or Fiction digital banner ad sample

Events Directory

A one-stop-shop for discovering Wisconsin’s events and festivals, the events directory on keeps event information organized, user-friendly and easily searchable. Can’t remember the location of that one event you loved growing up? Find it here.


Utilized on both radio and streaming platforms, our 30-second audio spot immerses listeners in iconic summer events in Wisconsin. The spot ends with an invitation to rediscover and celebrate our state’s events, fairs and festivals.

Paid Search

Google and other search engines are often the first places people go for event information. And we want Wisconsin events up at the top of those search results. The paid search component of this campaign makes sure we meet users where they’re at — searching on search engines.

Native Ads

Native ads are designed to match the look and feel of the platform where they are displayed. Our native ads across Google and Microsoft platforms allow us to place Travel Wisconsin event content in spaces where our target audience is already spending time online.

Google Discovery Ad sample

Event Listings

People use to plan their Wisconsin adventures with friends and family — including discovering events, fairs festivals. Displayed in the Event Directory and throughout content on the website, event listings are an easy (and free) way to advertise your own events. Be sure to submit your event and continue to keep your Travel Wisconsin listings up to date!

Events Widget

We’ve developed an Events Widget that you can embed on your website or blog to show a live feed of upcoming events from

It’s easy to create one for your own website, and it’s customizable by location (region, county and city) and event category (fairs & festivals, performing arts, sports and many more). Just work through the steps in the Events Widget creation tool — it’ll give you the customized widget’s embed code as well as some instructions. Work with your own web team to display it proudly on your site, helping more event-goers discover events in Wisconsin!