Seasonal Marketing Plan

Here’s to a wonder-filled summer in Wisconsin. To diving headfirst into a freshwater playground—from our Great Lakes shorelines to the Northwoods lake country and stunning Mississippi River bluffs. Here’s to feasting with friends on tasty dishes from 5-star restaurants and finding your new favorite food trucks. And to soaking up the sun together at iconic festivals throughout the state. Here’s to exploring a welcoming destination where you can be you.  

Our Summer 2024 Advertising Campaign highlights all that a Wisconsin summer has to offer and aligns with Travel Wisconsin’s strategic brand positioning, inspiring travelers to make magical memories together through unforgettable experiences they can only get in Wisconsin. The campaign’s creative features a wide range of travelers and invites us along to share one-of-a-kind summer adventures and quality time with the people who matter most. 

Here’s a deeper dive into each component of the summer campaign:

TV Spot: 30 Seconds

At the center of the campaign is this 30-second TV spot. Airing on connected TV and other channels across the Midwest, it immerses viewers in unexpectedly awe-inspiring adventures with families and friends. This year's ad hits on highlights of a Wisconsin summer like waterparks, supper clubs, events, outdoor recreation, tribal tourism and more. Take a look!

Video Extensions: 15 Seconds

In addition to the 30-second spot, we’re running 15-second spots on connected TV and other online channels. Each targets a unique audience segment based on their interests and behaviors, including culinary delights, water-themed adventures and a family-focused spot. Knowing our audience is paramount to powerful ads, so we’ve created messaging tailored just for them. 

Digital Display

Our animated digital banners and high-impact mobile ad units inspire travelers to experience an unforgettable summer in Wisconsin. We’re utilizing multiple versions of copy and imagery to target relevant audiences with key topic areas. And by carefully matching the look and feel of other assets, these ads create a cohesive, intuitive experience for users.

Here's to Magical Moments. Plan your trip today at  Here's to smile after magnificent smile! Plan your trip today at  Here's to sweet summer days! Plan your trip today at


Leveraging broadcast, music and podcast streaming platforms, our 30-second and 15-second summer audio spots immerse listeners into an array of uniquely Wisconsin experiences shared with the people they love. 


Captivating ads across multiple social platforms showcase memorable summer fun in Wisconsin. We leverage 15-second videos to engage viewers, drive web traffic and inspire travel.


We’re placing these eye-catching billboards across the Midwest this summer to inspire a wide variety of travelers. Each billboard location was strategically selected based on geolocation data that shows what neighborhoods our visitors are coming from. 

Sweet Summer Days

Magical Moments

Magnificent Smile

Trail Report

The Wisconsin Trail Report is a comprehensive tool that brings together hiking & biking trail networks from across the state. By visiting this page, outdoor enthusiasts can discover new places to hike or bike and check conditions before heading out on their fresh-air adventures.    

Trail Report Widget

The Wisconsin Trail Report Widget is powered by the Wisconsin Trail Report and allows you to showcase real-time hiking and biking trail network conditions across Wisconsin.    

It’s easy to create one for your own website, and it’s customizable by county, multiple counties or the entire state. Just go through the steps in the Wisconsin Trail Report widget creation tool — it’ll give you the customized widget’s embed code as well as some instructions. Work with your own web team to display it proudly on your site, helping more travelers plan and experience an extraordinary summer season in Wisconsin.