Seasonal Marketing Plan

Every trip to Wisconsin is cause for celebration. Because the memories you make here with family and friends are the kind you dream of making—the kind you take home with you and retell for years and years to come. Our summer advertising campaign, Here’s to Those Who Wisconsin, highlights these shared moments of joy in a way that’s unique and ownable to Wisconsin. Right in line with Travel Wisconsin’s strategic brand positioning, we’re welcoming travelers to discover the unexpected in our state.

Once again, we’re able to have a bigger spend and deeper reach than any previous campaign in Travel Wisconsin’s history. And with creative and strategy that’s backed by science and research, we’re poised to outsmart our competition.

Throughout the campaign’s creative, you’ll see real families experiencing Wisconsin’s summer to the fullest. Here’s a close look at the marketing assets we’re utilizing for the campaign:

TV Spot: 30 Seconds – Here's to Those Who Wisconsin

At the center of our campaign is this 30-second TV spot. Airing across the Midwest, it immerses viewers in Wisconsin’s summer that inspires travel. And it’s backed by science — we used neuroscience research to observe the attentional, emotional and cognitive responses toward the spot. We used that research to ensure these 30 seconds are highly motivating in a memorable, engaging way.

Video Extensions

In addition to the 30-second spot, we’re running additional 15-second spots on connected TV and other online channels. Each targets a unique audience segment based on their interests and behaviors, including a Chicago-specific spot. Knowing our audience is paramount to powerful ads, so we’ve created messaging tailored just for them.

Digital Display

Our animated digital banners and high-impact mobile ad units inspire travelers to experience summer in Wisconsin. We’re utilizing multiple versions of copy and imagery to target relevant audiences with key topic areas. And by carefully matching the look and feel of other assets, these ads create a cohesive, intuitive experience for users.

Here's to Wishing the Day Never Ends banner adHere's to Traveling by Fork banner ad


Leveraging broadcast and streaming audio platforms, our 30- and 15-second audio spots immerse listeners into an array of Wisconsin summer experiences shared with the people they love.


Captivating ads across multiple social platforms showcase summer travel in Wisconsin. We leverage 30- and 15-second videos to engage viewers, drive web traffic and inspire travel.


This summer, we’re placing hundreds of across the Midwest. Each billboard location was strategically selected based on geolocation data that shows what neighborhoods our visitors are coming from.

Laughter on the lake billboard mockup

Here's to the Art of Summering billboard mockup

Wishing the day never ends billboard mockup