Publications and Distribution

Travel Wisconsin distributes the following guides:

Ordering Bulk Quantities for Your Visitor Information Center
Travel Wisconsin provides for free bulk orders of guides to visitor information centers. Those centers must then provide, at no cost, the Travel Wisconsin guides or statewide association guides to visitors. 

  • For Travel Wisconsin distributed publications (Travel Wisconsin Official Travel Guide and Native American Tourism of Wisconsin Guide) email
    • Include the quantity of each publication contact information: name, organization and shipping address.
    • Expect delivery within 7-10 days.
    • Maximum 3-4 cases of each publication (case size varies by publication.)
    • The Department reserves the right to determine quantities based on available inventory. 
  • For all other bulk publication orders, order directly from the contact below (provide quantity, your contact information and shipping address) 

Travel Wisconsin Publications Distribution
Publications are also available for individual visitors to order online at and distributed at our Wisconsin Welcome Centers.

Wisconsin Welcome Centers
If you have a guide you'd like distributed at a Wisconsin Welcome Center, please contact them directly. You can find their contact information here.