Publications and Distribution

Travel Wisconsin produces and distributes the following guides:

Ordering Bulk Quantities for Your Center
If you operate a visitor information center, you can order bulk quantities of the guides produced by Travel Wisconsin or Statewide Association guides to distribute free of charge to visitors stopping at your center.

  • For Travel Wisconsin publications (Official Wisconsin Travel Guide, Official Wisconsin Biking Guide, Native Guide and State Parks Guide) email
    • Include quantity of each publication, your name, organization name and shipping address
    • Expect delivery within a week to 10 days
    • Maximum 3-4 cases of each publication (case size varies by publication)
  • Order Directly from Association (Provide quantity, contact information and shipping address)
    • Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners (WACO) Guide Contact: 608-525-2327 or
    • Wisconsin ATV Map | Contact: 920-694-0583 or
    • Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Directory | Contact: 715-942-8180 or
    • Official DOT Highway Map | Contact: 608-246-3265
    • Wisconsin Lodging Directory | Contact: 262-782-2851
    • Wisconsin Golf Directory | Contact: 414-443-3568
    • Wineries of Wisconsin | Contact:

Travel Wisconsin Publications Distribution
Travel Wisconsin's publications are also available for individual orders to visitors when they call 800-432-TRIP or when they order online at, plus they're distributed at our Travel Wisconsin Welcome Centers

Travel Wisconsin Welcome Centers
If you have a guide you'd like distributed at a Travel Wisconsin Welcome Center, get started on the approval process by clicking over to our Welcome Center Page.