The Office of Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor recreation is big business in Wisconsin generating $7.8 billion and supporting 93,000 jobs. Wisconsin ranks 5th in the U.S. for the share of all jobs in outdoor related manufacturing. The Office of Outdoor Recreation acts as a central hub for Wisconsin’s outdoor industry, drawing connections between the brands that call Wisconsin home, the outdoor recreation activities they support, and the communities in which we recreate. 

With nearly half of the state covered by forests, bordered by two Great Lakes and the might Mississippi, crisscrossed by 43,000 miles of river, home to more than 15,000 inland lakes, dotted by rocky outcroppings and alive with abundant wildlife, Wisconsin's natural assets are remarkable. It’s no wonder outdoor recreation is a top reason people visit Wisconsin, as well as a key factor in relocation, second home purchases, and business attraction. There is a direct connection between these natural resources, how we enjoy them, and the economic health and overall well-being of our state and its residents. The Office of Outdoor Recreation works with partners to support and uplift this essential industry.

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