MADISON, Wis. – Starting during yesterday’s Game 2 and throughout the rest of the NBA Finals, Travel Wisconsin will be airing a TV commercial in the Chicago, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Davenport, Cedar Rapids, Madison and Milwaukee markets. These markets are already part of the 2021 Travel Wisconsin advertising campaign, identified by its proprietary Propensity to Visit Model to target travelers with the highest value of visit and capitalizes on this moment with more eyes already focused on Wisconsin.

“Wisconsin’s sports scene is world-class, attracting visitors from near and far, and I’m so thrilled to see the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Finals,” said Acting Secretary Anne Sayers. “From the Deer District to local sports bars and businesses across Wisconsin, the economic impact is tremendous. It’s also the perfect opportunity to invite travelers tuning in to the Finals to see all that Wisconsin has to offer on and off the court.”

The Travel Wisconsin commercial encourages travelers to reconnect, refresh and discover something unexpected in Wisconsin. View the commercial here.

Professional sports, including historic playoff runs like this, play an integral role in driving economic impact. While the total economic impact is difficult to estimate prior to final sales data, Cleveland estimated an economic impact of $3.7 million per home game during the 2018 NBA Finals. Reaching more travelers during this time helps build off this momentum of growing economic impact for our state and helps put Wisconsin in the consideration set for travelers who may not have been considering a trip here. After all, a trip to Wisconsin is a slam dunk.